WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF FRESH WATER. 97 % of water on our planet is salty. 2 % is locked in snow and ice. Less than 1% is potable, and 70 % of that 1% is used to grow crops. Growing only 1 kg (2,2 pounds) of cotton needs over 11000 litres (2900 gallons) of water. That’s more than 9 times the amount a person drinks* in a year). Making a single cotton T-shirt costs the Earth 2,700 litres of water, not to mention the harmful pollutants the production process releases into the air and soil.


We are also running out of arable land. Growing the 24 million tons of cotton consumed every year takes 2,6 % of the world’s surface area. That’s the size of Turkey and enough land to feed over 200 million people. Now, a discerning consumer might think that buying organic cotton garments solves the problem, but it is little help to the environment if those clothes are soon thrown away, along with the other 11 million tons of textiles trashed each year. Our landfills are bursting with textile waste. Almost 3 million tons of cotton are wasted in spinning yarns, weaving and cutting fabrics. That’s enough material to manufacture three T-shirts for every person on this planet. Up to 15 % of the cotton intended for clothing is wasted in the manufacturing process. This is where Pure Waste comes in.